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Enguerrand Bontoux


What is your professional background?
I was born in a family of musicians. My mother is a violinist and my father is a singer so I quite naturally started playing cello at the age of 5. But I didn’t realize until later, when I was a teenager, how much music really meant to me. When I entered the class of the great pedagogues Pascale Michaca’s & Xavier Gagnepain at the Boulogne Billancourt Conservatory, I was suddenly immersed in a new world where harmony and poetry reigned supreme; music became a refuge every moment of the day. I also got to know the members of the quartet there, and I quickly realized that this mix of friendship, high standards and musical emotions would become a major incentive for me. I am currently continuing my studies at the CNSMD in Lyon in Anne Gastinel & Edouard Sapey-Triomphe’s class.
Your house at Hogwarts?
Ravenclaw (the only truly respectable house).
A work that moves you?
Mahler’s 2nd, The Resurrection Symphony, and its final chorus.
Your favorite book?
Geluck’s Le Chat, for his humor in hardened steel.
Your favorite city?
Vienna, for its incomparable beauty and hectic life.
A vivid memory?
Participating in concerts as a singer in the Choir of the Orchestre de Paris, while I was studying with Thomas Duran who is himself a cellist in the orchestra!
Your favorite movie?
Monty Python and the Holy Grail (We-are-the-knights-who-say-NI).
Your favorite tree?
Your hobbies?
Video games, series, bikes and giant mikados.
What brings you together?
Contradiction above all else, and love of food. And the quartet too.
A dream?
To gain my weight in Schoko-Bons.
The artists who inspire you?
Banksy, Ivry Gitlis, Joao Gilberto, Paul Klee.
Your favorite dish?
Lasagna in all its forms.