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General information

This website is published by the Bellefeuille Quartet, whose coordinates are available on a dedicated page. It is administered by Kévin Le Gouguec and hosted on the Uberspace platform.

This document uses the terms “we” and “the authors of this site” to designate the quartet and the webmaster collectively, and “the hosting platform” to designate Uberspace.

Privacy policy

The authors of this site have no interest in gathering, storing, processing, nor selling the personal information of their visitors. Therefore, and in order to comply with the legal framework imposed by EU GDPR, we do not store any personal data, as defined in Article 4(1) of the regulation.

The following sub-sections aim to provide technical details on the steps we took to ensure we abide by these principles. Please contact the webmaster if more information is needed.

Website content

Besides the exceptions listed below, this site does not require installing cookies, running telemetry JavaScript, nor loading any external resources.

Web server logs content

The hosting platform provides us with logs of requests made to this website. These logs are anonymized and regularly erased according to the hosting platform’s policy.

The administrator processes these logs in order to quantify the following information:

Only these aggregated statistics are recorded; the information used to distinguish one visitor from the next (IP address, user agent) is discarded.

These statistics are measured to provide us with some feedback about the ergonomy of our website, for example by letting us notice which pages are less visible.

Copyright notice

Unless otherwise noted, all texts and images hosted on this site belong to the Bellefeuille Quartet, who keeps all rights granted by French and international copyright law on this content.

Exceptions are noted in the following sub-sections.


The photos of the quartet on the index page and the contact page, as well as the individual photos on biography pages (collective, Sophie, David, Hervé, Enguerrand) belong to Pierre Vaillant, all rights reserved.

The backgrounds for individual biographies are distributed by Foter (license) and Pixabay (license).

The authors of the photos on the concerts page are shown below the images, with their licenses.

The authors of the photos on the gallery are shown below the images; their authors keep all rights reserved.


The following icons are published under the MIT license by Feather and have been reused with or without modifications:

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The following icons are published by Freepik on Flaticon (license) and have been reused with or without modifications:

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All HTML, CSS and JavaScript code is published by Kévin Le Gouguec under the CC0 license.

Responsibility and warranty disclaimer

The authors decline all responsibility and warranty regarding the reliability, the accuracy or the durability of the information presented on this website, as well as on websites that can be reached via the links found therein.