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Sophie Guille des Buttes


What is your professional background?
I started playing the violin at age seven, after being moved by a recording of Christian Ferras performing the Sibelius concerto. I was then accompanied by three great pedagogues to whom I owe my musical aesthetic: Christophe Poiget, Roland Daugareil and Luc-Marie Aguera. When we started the quartet, I found an ideal way of expressing myself thanks to a beautiful group synergy and an amazing repertoire! In 2021, I obtained my master’s degree in violin at the CNSMDP, and entered the Paris Chamber Orchestra.
Your house at Hogwarts?
Hufflepuff! “You might belong in Hufflepuff, / Where they are just and loyal, / Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, / And unafraid of toil.”
A composer who moves you?
Two! Beethoven and Ravel.
A work that moves you?
Beethoven’s 14th quartet.
Your hobbies?
I like reading, watching movies, cooking and enjoying long talks by the fire… with or without fire.
A film that speaks to you?
Le goût des merveilles by Eric Besnard.
Your favorite leaf?
The Ginkgo Biloba’s.
A vivid memory?
A concert by the Tetzlaff quartet at the Philharmonie de Paris performing Shostakovich’s 11th quartet. Hypnotizing!
Your preferred city?
Barcelona for the fantastic universe of Gaudí.
The books you like?
The Malaussène series by Daniel Pennac, a detective novel full of madcap poetry that chronicles the incidents of an unconventional family, and the Ellana saga by Pierre Bottero, the adventures of a young woman smitten by freedom.
What brings you together?
A good meal and a good card game!
A dream?
To go on tour with the quartet in small towns around France, to meet people, share our music… doing all the travelling on two tandem bikes!!