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Enguerrand Bontoux


In 2015, four young musicians from the Regional Music School of Boulogne-Billancourt - located at rue de la Bellefeuille - founded the Bellefeuille Quartet, as a tribute to their meeting place. Within this framework they found the ideal balance between personal expression and group strength. The “young sprouts” entered Aline Bartissol’s chamber music class and in 2016 obtained the string quartet DEM with the Jury’s congratulations.

Their personality has been forged through decisive meetings such as that with Luc-Marie Aguera, member of the Ysaÿe quartet, who shared with them his experience, his taste, his enthusiasm. He encouraged them to express their emotions and to explore in depth the essence of the works they perform. The quartet also perfected their work with Yovan Markovitch, Guillaume Sutre, and Noémie Bialobroda. In 2022, the Bellefeuille has entered Jean Sulem’s and Louis Rodde’s music class in the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, and participated at the European Chamber Music Academy.

The ensemble has shared the string quartet repertoire with welcoming audiences at festivals around France. It has performed in music schools of the Paris region and had the pleasure of playing in the great hall of the Philharmonie de Paris. During a series of concerts in partnership with the Virtuoso & Belcanto festival and Le Dimore del Quartetto, the Bellefeuille savored the beauty of Tuscany and Italian enthusiasm for the string quartet. They have also applied themselves to reaching new audiences, such as during their concert-mediation at the Mauzac detention center.

The quartet enjoys approaching all styles and characters, from the playfulness of Haydn to the intensity of Shostakovich, by way of Beethovenian passion, the ardor of Mendelssohn and the impressionism dear to Ravel. The group has also enriched and diversified its repertoire by performing Bartók and Brahms.

The quartet warmly thanks Musique à Flaine and Le Dimore del Quartetto for their faithful support.


Sophie Guille des Buttes plays a violin by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume (Paris, 1845) and a bow by Pierre Grunberger (2018).

David Forest plays a violin by Charles Coquet (Paris, 2009) and a bow by Louis Bazin.

Hervé Blandinières plays a viola by Stefan Von Baehr (Paris, 2002) and a bow by Louis Joseph Morisot.

Enguerrand Bontoux plays a cello by Bernardel Père, kindly lent by the Rosoor family, thanks to the “Talents & Violon’celles” foundation, and a bow by Jean‑Frédéric Schmidt.